Chicken Sitting

Our neighbors are going away for a few days, and have asked us to chicken sit for them.  It entails making sure they have plenty of fresh water, letting them out of the coop in the morning, and back in at night.  That’s all there is to it.  Oh, and we get to keep whatever eggs they lay.  Today, there were 10.

I found out what happened to the leghorn rooster that vanished a few months ago.  He attacked his owner one too many times, and paid with his life.  The Rhode Island Red rooster has flupped me from behind with his wings a couple of times, but he’s never pecked me, or used his spurs on me.  We once had a bit of a Mexican standoff, but he’s generally not aggressive.  Still, I keep an eye on him when he’s out with the girls, especially when I’m out there bare legged.

On another topic, my other half bought two used 300 gal. fuel tanks from a couple of gals who run a farm in Frenchtown.  I don’t know that we’ll use the gasoline one, but we will use the one for diesel.  Best part?  They sent their father to meet us, who had all the farm equipment to load it onto our big trailer, and another guy showed up who secures loads for a living.  He knew all the laws for securing loads in various states around here.  Just as well, since we’ve seen a number of trucks get pulled over by state troopers during the past couple of months for load checks.  Our fuel oil company will deliver bulk diesel.  The previous owners of this property also had a diesel tank by the side of one of the outbuildings, on a concrete platform, but they took it with them.

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