Stella Glasses

Stopped by a local deli that sells beer to pick up a 12-pack of Yuengling, and happened to notice three Stella Artios glasses on a shelf behind the checkout counter.  Mentioned to the woman who’s always there manning the counter how pristine they looked.  I think the Stella glasses with the gilt rim are awfully cool looking, compared to ordinary pint glasses sporting the brewer’s logo (although the Victory Brewing “Hop Devil” ones we bought from our favorite local pub have the cutest looking green devil with earrings).

The checkout woman and I know each other by sight, but not by name.  She’s a sweetheart.  She said it was a promo, and one of the glasses is a giveaway with a purchase of a six of Stella.  So, I added one six of Stella to my 12 of Yueng, and she gave me all three glasses, claiming she was dying to get rid of them to make room for another display.  SCORE!  Those three glasses are going to downstairs in our basement “man cave” rec room, on the shelf behind the wet bar. That significantly lowers the odds of any of them getting broken.  I’ll wash and dry them by hand, so the gilt stays intact as long as possible.

On another note, because we had gotten back from Cape May yesterday afternoon, I had nothing planned for dinner, so we went to our fave local pub for lagers and nachos.  My lager came in a Yuengling pint glass, so I asked our waiter if I could buy it.  I know they will occasionally sell them if a patron asks.  In the past, they’ve charged a couple of bucks, which is quite reasonable compared to what the brewery would sell them for, then add on shipping, and it’s not worth it.  Our waiter went to check, and came back with a price of $1 for the Yueng glass, so I asked him to add it to our bill.  The regular bartender is an older guy who is either the owner, or a partner in the place.  Wait staff always has to check with him first.   Fair enough.  If the answer is “no,” I’m not going to steal it.

Anyway, our waiter offered to bring it back to the kitchen to rinse it out for me, but I declined, knowing I was going to toss it in the dishwasher when we got home, so he brought out a paper bag in which to wrap it.  Our favorite waitress was on duty at the time, and came by to say “hi,” but she wasn’t waiting our booth that evening.  FWIW, never gyp the wait staff on a tip at any joint at which you are a regular, and they will do their best to accomodate your request, if it’s a reasonable one.

Two days, four new beer glasses, at a whopping cost of $1, beyond the cost of the beer itself.  Can’t beat it!  All that on top of a four day getaway to Cape May off-season, with our dog … life is good.

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