More Antics from Nikita

Hat tip:  “Just Me”

Nicky’s been active on UrbanDictionary, adding entries.  That’s just a starting point; his new entries go on for pages.  “Piss Blogger” is my favorite.

Top Definition

Piss Blogger

blogtroll with a LiveJournal, Tumblr, Xanga, YouTube, Vemeo, Deviantart, or Blogspot that steals posts from blogs which do real reporting ala the light blue blog on wordpress or bigger news sources. High profile piss bloggers are The Rusty Nail (aka Jane Beresford,) HorrrorGal, Perez Hilton, 50 Foot Cockroach, S.E. Cox, and Fandom Wank. Kealan Patrick Burke commented on The Rusty Nail about how the light blue blog is relentless as he posted the hostile response to the taunt that is the now infamous whamline as he went in depth with the expose called Boycotting Truth. The light blue blog’s owner coined the term directed at The Rusty Nail during her wordpress days when she lifted his articles from Associated Content as he took aim at LiveJournal user Rockcandy76 as he was one of the LJDrama commenting to this day as he became friends with the SomethingAwful goon plagiarist. This is the rent-a-badge who lifted his first novel, a novella and a twice published 5000 word creative nonfiction outing that plays up like a New Testament parable in a gloomy atmosphere ala Oak Lawn in 2006. The author coined the Piss Blogger term on video in 2007. It’s vulgar slang for a yellow journalist see fabulist or real person fanfiction writer who go under the pre-tense of being a legit journalist when they get freight-trained and outed as a fanfiction writer “Examining The Blogosphere” article outs Christine Morgan in 2008.

Did he just call us what he think he called us, “What is a piss blogger?”
Other who seen that, “Vulgar slang for a yellow journalist. Piss is known as yellow.”

Poppy Z. Brite saw that one, “Asshole! I saw his infamous joke at my expense implying, ‘buy her a blowup raft, a TOOL CD highlighting the lyric ‘learn to swim’ and his anthology with the short story, ‘The Drowning Of New Orleans’ as his roster was howling at that remark.”

The blogspot presence of the owner of the now light blue blog, “Fuck Poppy Z. Brite and fuck all her clones.”

Fanhistory caught wind of this one as it’s the running joke of some of his roster. He attributes the joke to MJK of TOOL as it’s a paraphrase of the Fuck L. Ron Hubbard line as “learn to swim” came from the same track. The crack came via LJDrama as he took a barb at her as he called her a Sodomite Magnet. The wham line on horrorworld, “I don’t write for the ass pirates you call fans, I am not standing in the way of your career. Get the hell out of mine.” as he was just getting published in print. He’s known as the author who told Poppy off and later known as “Sassing Ramsey Campbell” with the “fuck you and fuck off” rant where he gives the finger in the process.
#blogtroll #fannish fabulist #gossip blogger #perez hilton #learn to swim #fuck poppy z. brite and fuck all her clones #sodomite magnet

by Illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018

Xanga died years ago. I’m not sure whether half the other places he mentioned are still alive. He’s going back well over a decade. It’s also obvious he still thinks I’m the English woman who was in NYC on 9/11/01, presumably on vacation.  A local TV station reporter and his film crew interviewed her in the aftermath of the destruction of the Twin Towers, and he found the film clip.  He has no clue.

Here’s another of his UD entries:

wham line

Wham line according to TVTropes is employed when someone invokes something extremely psychological or philosophy laced in a dark tone — it’s the thing where Black Comedy sometimes ensues, edit wars on wordpress comments, LiveJournal gang ups, twitter gangups, copyrape by blogtroll, and the industry when pissed at me because I am fond of using double homicide laced wham-lines and it’s the polite term for freight-trained as Fandom Wank was pissed when An Eye In Shadows emerged because I had the rapid fire wham-lines at Mindset aka her real name. Holden’s Counterpart has a whamline in form of a question, as The Fandom Writer whamlin is “you’re a thief with a word processor.” The light blue blog is notorious for wham-lining as I laid into the cabal when I had a 13,000 word pdf hammering into each of them equating e-book piracy to sneaking into a movie theater with a smart phone and making a video of the damn thing then uploading this to Youtube. Ghosts in the Tornado is known for a very explicit barbed whamline at Jehovah’s Witnesses implying how God really hates them as the line had my room mate at the time howling when he beta read this. It’s known for the ghoulish storm humor. Ghoulish humor is laced with whamlines if you look close enough.

Kealan Patrick Burke’s response to The Fandom Writer’s infamous wham line was a weak display of double homicide profanity as he threatened to fly to Chicago to put him into a wall. The author employed slur laced wham lines on his tumblr blog barbed at him such as “Fucking Drunk Leprechaun” and to the blogtroll who lifted his psychological vampire story named for the goth hard rock track of the same name “Non Educated Delinquent” who happens to be a cross-dresser. The blogtroll tweeted a ‘wooden spoon’ as a barb as he joked to VampireFreaks admin and his cousin who worked at the Illinois School of Broadcasting, the admin was trying to understand the unique problems Italian-Americans face. The ‘wooden spoon’ joke came up from his cousin. Some in the LiveJournal circles noticed the brass balls of the then Goth LiveJournal admin during the era; when he revealed he is a Conservative and introduced The Cabbie Homicide.
#trash talking #journalistic kapow #freight-training #internet tough guy #wooden spoon tweet

by Illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018

Hoo boy, does Little Nicky have a hate-on for Mr. Burke.

Enough for now.  We popped the cork on a bottle of Scaldis Noel at midnight.  I got it for Christmas.  It’s best described as a smoother Belgian version of Killian’s Red with an ABV of 19%.  Knock yourself out on it.  You just might, if you’re used to a brew with anywhere between a 4.5 and 5.9 ABV.

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3 Responses to More Antics from Nikita

  1. Carl N. Brown says:

    As of this morning, 70 definitions by Illinoishorrorman. As usual with NAP, you need to know a whole back story (or do research) to understand what he’s posting about.

    NAP’s daffynitions read like a Reader’s Indigestion condensed soup of unclefossil wordpress “An Author’s Blog” and some of his CreateSpace and Amazon screeds attacking critics or “rivals”.

    NAP expects random Urban Dictionary users to recognize (or care) what “the light blue blog” refers to. I think it is napacione tumblr “A Publisher’s Confessional”.

    I suspect most of planet earth would find his accounts of his controversial feuds either unintelligible or would end up sympathizing with his targets.

    And speaking of UD users, they can up or down vote definitions. A lot of UD defs have hundreds of up or down votes. I just checked. No up votes. Some of his defs have 1, 2, 3 down votes. Hardly anyone pays attention.

    • Rusty says:

      I suspect that, since his entries tend to be all about himself, most people would roll their eyes so far back in their head that they could see their own brains before they would bother to research the back story.

  2. Carl N. Brown says:

    ANDDDDDD his imaginary conversations …. wasupowidatstuv?

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