Finally Got Switched

No, I don’t mean getting whacked with a willow switch.

My former insurance agent gave me a whole song and dance about why my homeowner’s and auto insurance suddenly cost so damn much.  The last time I got a ticket was in the early ’80s, and that was a payoff to the county mounty who wrote it.

I’ve never made a claim.  Traded in my former car after 10 years, with not even a dent on it from a falling black walnut, for close to blue book, which is pretty good for a trade-in.  No accidents, no tickets, nothing.

I fired my former insurance agent.  I’m not a pain in the ass.  I spoke with him maybe once a year, and was always polite.  He is a certified jackass.  “This is your only policy option, so sign here.”  No, thanks.  I “womansplained” to him why his “mansplaining” was inadequate — politely, of course.

Found a new insurance company to cover both auto and home for approximately 1/4 of my previous premiums, with roughly the same coverage for what matters.  Plus, my new agent is in my town, maybe a couple of miles away, not some jerk from another state, 60+ miles away, who can only pull up the county records for it, and look at the pics on Zillow.  Getting my homeowner info is as much child’s play as pulling up my driving record.  Technically, I can afford to rebuild from scratch if this entire place, plus the outbuilings burned to the ground, w/o insurance.  House, personal property, and loss of use, are about right, at current market value, for the farm.  The car insurance cost is right on the mark, given my driving record.

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