Peaches Porcine and the Fake Accounts

Hat tips:  Lewis, Just Me

In addition to setting up fake accounts at Reddit and Writerscafe in the names of people with whom Nikita has a beef, he set up one at some place called Blurb, to go after some guy he thinks is one of those evil King James Bible only people.

Here’s the screenshot, in case it goes bye-bye:

Notice how it’s all about him and his legendary, in his own mind, books?  That’s so typical of Peaches.

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2 Responses to Peaches Porcine and the Fake Accounts

  1. Carl N. Brown says:

    I imagine a random member of the general public encountering:
    “… controversial blog entry King James Only Examined …”
    “… Chicagoland publisher … controversial and explicit guilty party of An Eye in Shadows …”
    Then he names Pacione this and that with unclear connection. Reminds me of my first encounter Jan 2014 with Pacione’s vandalism of other people’s articles. Whodehay is this writing in third person eventually dropping a name unknown to me.

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