Veggies for Mom

My mom stopped cooking anything, probably close to two decades ago.  Still, she loves it when we bring over some freshly harvested produce from our own veggie garden.  She’s up for two heirloom tomatoes, a cucumber, and a cantaloupe.  Butchering and ingesting those only invloves a knife, fork, and spoon.

As far as the growing season is going, we have at least another two dozen melons on the way, most of which are a Tuscan type, some cukes, a boatload of tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, peppers, and tomatillos.  Most of it’s doing fine.  The tomatillo harvest is a bit of bust this year.  With all the rain, half the big slicer tomatoes are cracking, and scarring over, at the stem end.  Nothing we can do about that, other than pick them when they first start to turn, and let them bench ripen.  I’m amazed the melons didn’t rot.  OTOH, as good as the melon harvest is, they’re not as sweet this year as they would have been with less rain.

We got not one eggplant from any of the three we planted.  The jalapeño and cayenne harvest is so-so.  The mini-sweet peppers are coming in fast and furious, but they aren’t starting to ripen yet.

My next door neighbors no longer keep chickens.  We traded them five or six trailer loads of wood mulch in Spring for a load of sheep dung compost from their farm down the road.  We also loaned them both our big and small trailers to move around their big tractor, and the stuff we sort of swapped  He has his own big trailer, but it’s non-op; ours works, right down to the tail lights and brakes, and he has the truck to pull it.

Last week, I gave them a sampler of our organic produce.  I would never give away anything that had any blemishes; most organic produce does have some.  It was just a small sampler:  one of each of four different things, along with four jalapeños.  It was like giving them a flight instead of a half gallon growler, so to speak.  They let us go grab whatever peaches we wanted off their trees.  Not many were left; It’s a fair deal, I think.

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