Update on Ozzie

My other half had to leave at the crack of dawn to go to Binghamton to pick up a trailer mounted sawmill he wanted.  Evidently, Ozzie ate his breakfast and used the litter box, so that’s good.  This morning, I went to visit the boy.  He’s not ready yet to leave that spare bedroom to meet our other critters, but as soon as I sat down on the bed, he crawled onto my lap, and started purring.

He’d been at our local shelter for three months.  Judging by the three full pages worth of medical history that I received upon adopting him, he was not in good shape when he arrived.  I doubt he was mistreated (if he was, he’d be skittish), but it seems as though he was somewhat neglected.  His coat was matted, he had ear mites, and a bad case of fleas.  Never before have I seen a medical history on a shelter animal that required a full three page printout for three months worth of treatment.

At this point, if he’s got anything else not completely right with him, it’s that he’s probably a little too skinny for his bone frame.  When we first got Monica, our black cat, she had a little pin head on a beer barrel body.  She’s normal sized now, proportionally, and at a good weight.  Ozzie has a giant head attached to a long slender body, with really long legs, and big paws.  He seems healthy, but probably should weigh closer to 12 or 13 pounds than his current 11.

When my veterinarian’s office opens, I’ll give them a call to book an appointment for Ozzie’s initial checkup.  The vet will tell me what his proper weight range should be, and will have time to read through his medical records.  The pound had been feeding him 1/3 cup of dry food twice a day, which is what we feed our other two.  Let’s hope he doesn’t have kidney problems, which is not uncommon in older male cats, but if he does, I’ll deal with it as need be.  I’ve dealt with it before.  Another cat I owned developed diabetes at age 14, and had to get daily insulin shots for the last three years of her life.

The only thing I’m potentially worried about is whether “mama’s girl” Monica will get jealous of any attention I pay to Ozzie, and scrap with him.  They’re both fully armed.  I’d rather not have to clean up any drops of blood.

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  1. Melany says:

    much love for fuzzies! my own cat turned 18 this week! She’s mellowed in her old age, she lets the guy in #2 pet her. A year ago she’d take the hand off anyone but me who tried to pet her.

    We’ve also been feeding a couple of friendly strays. A yellow morris the cat look alike and a black cat with 4 white boots, white eyebrow whiskers, and a white tip on the end of his tail.

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