Moscow Hide and Fur

I love this place.  Moscow is far enough north that even from Idaho, their postcards go through Spokane.  I’ve gotten several things from them, including a finished bear rug (black bear), and a very nice 3/4 length fitch coat.  I got my beaver coat from some furrier in NJ, not from this place in ID.

They also have tanned coyote hides.  We have plenty of coyotes around here, which is why all three of our cats are kept indoors.  Taking out a coyote with a .22 can be done, but it has to be a really good shot, within  kinda short range, so the chances of me picking one off are so-so.

I have a coyote vest.  I wear it with pride, when the weather warrants it.  Nobody is obnoxious enough to paintball me.

Moscow Hide and Fur rocks.

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