Finally got the pool closed yesterday.  I wanted it done by the end of September, but couldn’t book it that early.  It’s just as well, given the Indian summer we’ve been having.  It’s still in the 70s Farenheit, and I actually got a mosquito bite yesterday while I was deflating floats, and removing the last few leaves from the pool, while the guys from the pool company were doing their thing.  Fished out a rather large frog, not quite bullfrog sized, but close, in addition to the leaves, and launched it over the fence onto the lawn.  It happens.

Anyway, when I tell the guys “I’m not trying to drive you nuts, looking over your shoulder as you do your thing, but I really do want to learn how all this works, since I only bought this house a couple of years ago, and have never before owned a pool.  I’ve gotten the hang of keeping the water quality good, and clear.  This pool opening, and closing process is still a learning exercise for me.”  It’s not always the same people they send over, but every last one of them is happy to show me, and explain what they’re doing (and why).  Let’s face it:  if I knew enough about what needed to be done to micromanage it, I wouldn’t need to call them in to do the job.  Besides, it’s not my nature to micromanage, and never has been, even before I retired from a top management position.

On a completely different subject, I have a piece of new furniture being delivered sometime between late afternoon and late-ish dinner time.  Unfortunately, it’s going to rain on and off all day.  Who wants to bet it’ll be pouring when the guys arrive?  They’re supposed to bring it in, unwrap it, and set it up exactly where I want it, for the delivery fee.

I hope they are also willing to move our ancient 400 lb. sofa-bed 90 degrees around, to put the new piece where I want it, because it’s too damn heavy to move ourselves, but the new piece would fit better against the wall than freestanding in the room, and the old sofa would fit better freestanding, from a traffic pattern standpoint of view.  I’ve already moved the TV into a corner, so anyone sitting on anything in that room can see both the fireplace and the TV.

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