Real Life, Plus Some Nicky Antics

As I previously mentioned, our neighbors across the street, who we had never previously met, invited us to their Christmas party.  They had so much leftover food that Charlie popped by last Tuesday afternoon to invite us over for dinner, from roughly 5-7pm.  My other half was at work, so I was a bit non-commital, and merely said I’d let him know.

We made it there ~5:30, because my other half had to swing by a concert venue on his way home to pick up Wishbone Ash tickets to save the $5/seat online booking fee.  The dinner party comprised maybe a total of a dozen people, including the hosts, only two of whom we hadn’t met before.  They probably were at the Christmas party, but there must have been at least 50 people at the Christmas party, so we didn’t get a chance to meet everyone.

This weekend, I finally got my Christmas decorations up:  stockings over the mantle, tree, wreaths on the doors, plus interior and exterior lights.  Most of the lights are solar, which kind of sucks when it’s cloudy and rainy; sticking the solar panel under a lamp only partially recharges the battery.

On another note, there are some Nicky antics to report, courtesy of Just A Guest.  For some reason, the comment alerting me to them got stuck in moderation, which is odd. 

There’s a treasure trove of new Nicky stuff – This guy calls him and talks to him for like an hour. It’s crazy…

Just A Guest, December 13, 2018

I haven’t viewed it yet, but it promises to be classic Nikita.  ETA:  I have seen it .  Cut to 19:26 for the shits and giggles.

Completely OT:  Someone on Twitchy posted a comment that linked to Tim Willard’s thread about Communism.  Yes, he’s the same Tim Willard that some of us may remember from the days when Nikita was off his meds, and raging at the EONs.  Those were either the good old days, or the bad old days, depending upon your perspective.  In case you’re interested in reading it, it’s an excellent thread.  It was good enough to make me fire up Twitter, which I haven’t used in god knows how long, to follow him.  It took me something like four or five tries to enter the right password to login.  The last time I used Twitter was two computers ago.  Anyway, here’s the link to it.

I think we’re finally ready for Christmas.  All the food/ingredients we need to cook and cater the feast for my mom is on hand.  Her present arrived.  She always tells me “You don’t have to give me a present.”  No, I don’t, but last year she loved the solar powered watch I bought her with a decent sized face that was easy to read, and a pinch-to-release metal strap.  Her fingers don’t work well enough anymore to fiddle with leather straps that have holes, and buckles.  She’d been complaining about how her watches always needed new batteries, so I took care of that for her.  She had to have a few links removed, but was perfectly willing to have that done.

This year, it’s “Wicked Good” shearling slippers.  Her feet are bad, and she’s been complaining about needing some slippers for a few months.  She wants to try them on first.  Meh.  I know her size, and I know the way these fit.  If they don’t work, I still have the receipt, and pre-paid return mailing label.  All I have to do is drop them off at our local UPS Store, a whopping mile and a half away.

Merry Christmas!

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