Plant Porno

I went out to our mailbox to send a thank you card to our neighbors who dropped off some phenomenally delicious Christmas cookies.  Missed the mailman, but there was a mailbox full of 1/3 real mail, and 2/3 catalog junk mail.  I suppose it depends upon your perspective what qualifies for junk mail.  Aside from a catalog from The Company Store (excellent for sheets, towels, quilts, comforters, and the like) that mom wants me to bring over when we next visit her, the catalogs from plant and seed companies have started to arrive.

Burpee is the first, which makes sense, since it’s a local company.  The ones from Park Seed, Gurney, Ferry-Morse, Jung, and Johnny’s will start rolling in soon.  I’ve already dog-eared three pages in the Burpee catalog.  The only reason to order from a catalog, since seed racks pop up in every grocery and hardware store starting in February or March, is to get a very specific variety.  Besides, we typically save some seeds from last year’s crops, but there’s no guarantee they’ll come true.

Right now, there are no discount codes, or 20% off plus free shipping deals, so I’ll hold off ordering anything.  Plus, Burpee seedlings are stocked at several local nurseries around May for cheap.  We can’t really direct sow seeds, or plant seedlings here before mid-May, unless it’s unusually warm, anyway.  Peas are the one exception; those can be planted much earlier, but won’t show signs of life until maybe April.  What we can do, though, is start seeds indoors under lights in late February, keep our fingers crossed that the germination rate is high, and toss the seedlings we get into a cold frame until it’s safe to harden them off before planting them.

Seed company catalogs are wonderful.  Flipping through them really is like looking at porn, but much more interesting.  Naked plants!  Veggies, and flowers, and pods, oh my!

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  1. Melany says:

    I got the burpee catalog in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and my neighbor stole it after I’d looked through it. He DID make me circle some things that caught my eye, though. Last year he planted a bunch of marigolds, zinnias, moss roses, datura, angel trumpets, and some gorgeous petunias. one variety was black the other was dark purple with white spots all over it

    • Rusty says:

      Now, all you have to do is make him order and pay for the things you wanted, then give them to you when they arrive. 😉

      • Melany says:

        we split the cost, and I weed the ones in pots because he can put them on a table for me to reach them easy. we worry about planting veggies since we know deer come around quite often.

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