Post Holidays Sales

This is the best time of year to stock up on indoor/outdoor lighting, whether it’s “fairy lights” or torches.  I don’t mean flashlights, when I say torches; I mean things that are solar, but look like what people in the movies carry with their pitchforks.  Most of my outdoor lighting is solar.  Some is electric, and some uses some AA batteries.  When it’s crummy cloudy, rainy, or snowy, the solar ones don’t always get a full recharge, but they won’t trip a GFCI outlet circuit if water gets in.  Battery operated ones aren’t my fave, but AAs can be bought in 30-packs for ~$15, so swapping them out isn’t a big expense.  It’s even better if they’re on a 6-on/18-off timer, with a waterproof battery case.

For me, anyway, it’s best to find a Chinese eBay supplier that ships from a U.S. warehouse, because the goods arrive within a week, even if they’re shipped via mule train from CA, and they’re so much cheaper than buying them at a local bricks & mortar store.  Failing that, the cheapskate in me will order directly from a vendor in China.  Yeah, the shipment can get stuck in customs for a couple of weeks, but LED lights always pass on through.  If you’re not in a rush, it’s the way to go.

So, I got enough “fairy lights” and “torches” to light up our patios, deck, and pool area, with enough left over to light the ends of the driveway, if I want to.  The thing about the driveway is that if it’s icy, it’s easier to drive over the lawn.  I don’t care about any ruts left in it.  The tractors leave enough of those as it is, when the ground is a bit squishy, and nobody can see them from the road, anyway.  This place is/was a farm, after all.

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