Li’L Nikita Strikes Again

Hat tip:  Naaman Brown

I’m more than a little late to the plate on this one.  Evidently, Nicky’s tried to steal someone’s anthology, and make it look like it’s his.  From what I can tell:

  • He had a story accepted
  • He volunteered to do the cover, and some editing
  • He padded it out with at least one story from a woman who had no clue he’d swiped her story
  • He posted the book listing on BookPatch as though it was his, writing the blurb and only comment himself
  • Posted an ad on his old high school’s Facebook page about the book

Mr. Brown tells me:

I am beginning to think the boy has taken over someone else’s book, like he did with Jordan Bobe’s “Darkened Horizons 3”, Carter Kaplan’s “Emanations”, Serena Carrington’s “Avalon”, Aimee Bejarano’s “The Gateway”, Butler’s “The Aeneid”, Bloch’s “This Crowded Earth”, either by being involved [by having one story in the book, or] as a book designer or deciding it’s P.D. and his for the taking. I might be wrong, but, hey, it’s Nickolaus Pacione.

I think he’s right.  The sad part is that the woman whose story he stole is flattered.  He never even contacted her about using it under creative commons, so she found out about it some other way.

On two completely different subjects, Ozzie, our newest adoptee 10 y/o cat, has settled in so well with the other cats, and the dog, that none of them challenge or spook him anymore, and the oddball items I can find on eBay for super cheap never fail to astonish me.

Ozzie has turned out to be a real lap cat, which is great in winter.  He’s a long and tall longhair, so when he sprawls across my lap, he’s the feline equivalent of a fur draft chaser.  He’s got a few physical oral and sinus issues, but nothing other than that.

As for eBay, it’s so easy to find all sorts of things, from tractor parts to party supplies.  From time to time, we do need replacement parts for our tractors; usually, Craig’s List is better, but eBay sometimes has what we need.  Throwing a party for some neighbors and friends is something I have to do, because we got invited to their parties over the holidays.  Sure, we brought hostess gifts, but still, I owe them.  Throwing an outdoors BBQ/cookout is the way to go.  Informal, pool will be open for swimming by then, kids are welcome, the food will be good, and none of it will be catered.  Kids may not like satay sauce, or a spicy BBQ sauce, but they will be fine with Sweet & Sour sauce, or a sweet BBQ sauce.

Have an outdoors bar, with beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.  Set up the tables for seating, and a buffet style setting.  I’ll do the cooking, and the guests may serve themselves.  I’m willing to bet our guests, kids included, would love root beer floats for dessert.  Plenty of coolers and ice will serve to keep the food that should be kept cold, cold; chafing dishes will be fine for anything that should be kept warm, such as pulled pork, flank steak, etc.



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6 Responses to Li’L Nikita Strikes Again

  1. Melany says:

    I wonder if the only reason he made t he book all about himself is so that he can point to the cover and claim that proves he’s not racist.

    • Rusty says:

      Probably. Even then, he swiped the cover art. He can’t write. He can’t draw, or paint. All he can do is swipe other people’s work.

      Hope you’re staying nice and warm, and safe, Mel. Winter will be over in a few weeks. Give Gypsy a hug for me.

      • Melany says:

        I stayed inside and safe during yesterday’s blizzard and today. The roads are still very hazardous as are the sidewalks and our parking lot here. More storm in the forecast for this weekend!

        I’m just asking mother nature for a break Thursday so I can get to an all you can eat pancake and sausage fundraising dinner for the local lion’s club!

        Took up a new hobby called diamond dotz painting. lots and lots of tiny shiny circles attached to a canvas. Time consuming and easy, but pictures don’t do the pretty shininess justice!

  2. Meanwhile Mr Pacione continues to address a merry band that includes me:

    “I want to see you churn out 5,683 words exactly without ripping me off because the only fame you have is you gave my website it’s face. Stealing Lake Fossil is not the way to be noticed and according to Brian Lumley, Christine Morgan IS a plagiarist. Each time you mock The Cabbie Homicide you’re doing an ad hominem to my classmate’s victim and to the victim in the first paragraph that happened on my street, the woman named Cheryl Huff. So tell me come up with something that size legitimately as your TOC mate was caught calling an African-American Republican a nasty slur to African-Americans though they have a name for them in Afrikaans to tell them apart from their home continent.
    Ramsey Campbell lost all the respect in the small press over his plagiarism of my comments on Reddit and was degrading those with learning disabilities so I called him by his first given name, John. as I was calling him out on this. Eric S. Brown was willing to give her a chance as he is a House of Pain E-Zine mate; me on the other hand I would left her to her sickness over snubbing Andrew Ian Dodge in his last months of life along with Mandy Raines who was very much like you — anything with a third arm she was straddling. She didn’t speak up when Porras happened nor she didn’t speak up when Treyvon Happened too. Here’s a word processor, FREE Word Processor Based on Microsoft’s WordPad Engine you’d be applauding Jesse Dedman as he proved to be more Xenophobic than any of the people who accused me of this.
    So you’re about to see your facebook page go buh-bye. Make fun of Bonnie ‘n Clyde: 60172 in front of me you’re mocking Luke Perry’s memory because he’s an icon to DuPage County as we call an honorary resident for Normal Life. You mean to tell me after all that time you spent with me in Chicago you cannot come up with something that doesn’t rip me off? I rather be known for The Cabbie Homicide than stealing Harry Potter for a bastardization. Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness hearing from my best friend who saw The Cabbie Homicide become the genesis and the friend from Wandering In Darkness — show me you can submit to because what you did was a piss-take plagiarism. The Cabbie Homicide inspired an author to do Snap: The Porras Effect where he referenced me from 2002 and 2003 then the Porras article from the Chicago Tribune, so those of you who are still touting Kealan Patrick Burke and his dog Bram I never wrote about talking dogs.
    Degrading The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five roster is not right; actively pulling a stunt such as throwing the thing in the trash he pulled an offensive insult to Italians as it’s “to hell with your dead bastard relatives.” Well it’s more vile to Italians than to non-Mediterranean. Your father was also RACIST as the way he greeted me, I was waiting for him to throw an ethnic slur at me.
    I saw more ethnic slurs in Iowa than when I was a teenager. The thing with Iowa it’s one of the whitest states in the union, they like the ethnic food but treat the ethnic people cooking it like hell. Mocking that roster, not cool to me. The guy who played Matt, Spotlight (2015) – IMDb looked like him from 2007 when he joined me. The Boondocks creator discovered Steven Morgan as I went to his blog and became the New Media Draft from where,, and became the tapping grounds for the roster. James as sleazy as you are, you want my sexual leftovers as a submission she cannot churn out that size — but you’re burning yourself out doing 400 page projects every outing and not investing in Home | LibreOffice – Free Office Suite – Fun Project – Fantastic People and PDF Split And Merge because you did not do James Watts his due justice, that good of an author who held his own with Bram Stoker and Poe, I think your cheapening your attack when one word processor doesn’t fit all. Bonnie ‘n Clyde: 60172, true crime piece | FictionPress.
    I want to see Longmore play with an anthology that challenges my fact checking and fact finding, after reading The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five because he insulted the very person who discovered him by using language that’s stigmatizing to those who have a mental health history. I knew what happened to; it went down after Nick Popio and A. J. MacDonald stepped down, UH OH – PART II! What are Employees of CreateSpace and Lulu Saying About Those Companies? My complaints with were towards the end of the run on but going at them on the level I did; they have Pacione Drill as in they are ready to fork covers over when pulling out a disturbing painting to battle them. were not ready for a total psywar. didn’t like when I pulled a little psychological napalm. I managed to torque Author Solutions as The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five roster.”

  3. Naaman Brown says:

    The posting he made at the Gelenbard East Highschool page is down at 15 Feb 2019. If you want to see it but dont want scroll, the permalink is:

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