Sofa King Annoying

A lot of things tick me off, but nothing more so than Skype’s insidiousness.  It’s integrated with Win10 so much that I can’t even completely remove it.  It hogs up anywhere from 190-233Mb of RAM, and every time I shut it down, it reloads itself.  “Search and Cortana” is almost as bad, but it never hogs up more than 110Mb of RAM.  I never use either one of them.

On another subject, my Sony “boombox” arrived today.  It’s portable, obviously, and can run on either AC or C batteries.  The AM radio reception sucks, even for a local 50Kw station, but FM is great, as are the CD and cassette tape player functions.  For some bizarre reason, I can’t find more than one of my BoDeans CDs, and all but one double album of my Bottle Rockets ones are missing.  They’re not in my CD rack, nor are they out in my car.  I did manage to round up three of my Live CDs, so that’s good.  I have no use for the bluetooth functionality, but have to assume it works.

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