Update: Heirloom Tomato Giveaway

Yes!  We found a neighbor who wanted some of our excess Black Krims, Jubilees, and Brandywines.  This is the neighbor who brought over Christmas cookies after she and her husband met me at another neighbor’s Christmas party last year.  They’re very nice people.  I called ahead of time to make sure they wanted them.  Oh, yes, they wanted them.  They only have harvested two of their own home grown tomatoes so far this season.  Told her I’d drop them off on her front porch within 15-30 minutes, and did.  Rang the doorbell when I dropped them off, but didn’t really expect her to answer before we left.  She didn’t.  I’m sure she’s found them by now. I would never give away tomatoes that looked like they weren’t worthy of selling at a roadside stand; we can those, not give them away.

She gave me one of her Christmas cookie recipes for peanut butter chocolate bars, after I sent her a handwritten “thank you” note for the cookies, asking whether she’d be willing to share the one recipe.  Those were more like candy than cookies.  The garden produce (organically grown) is about the only thing I could do to reciprocate that would have made any sense.  Anyway, I hope she and her husband enjoy them; they’re both wonderful people.

We still are harvesting 20-25 lbs. worth of tomatos every day, so it’s down to: eat a lot, can a lot, and give away a lot.

There’s a joke in Minnesota about never leaving you car unlocked in August, because you will find a big bag of tomatoes in your back seat when you return.  It’s only half a joke.  It sort of applies around here, too, but at least we ask, before dumping them off on someone else.  If she had a glut of tomatoes of her own, we would have found someone else who wanted them.

I love neighbors like this.  When I called her to ask whether she wanted them, she remembered me from eight months ago, and seemed happy to hear from me.  Good.

ETA:  My neighbor who got the tomatoes called to thank me.  She recognized the Jubilees, but not the Black Krims, which I explained were supposed to look purple with green “shoulders.”  The Brandywines aren’t immediately recognizable from other pink or reds, except to people who have grown them for years.  Anyway, I appreciated the return call to thank me.  It was nice of her.

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