Trivia Night

This was at our favorite local pub.  The two of us didn’t stand a chance against a table next to us that had six people participating.  We got most of the answers correct on each round, but the table next to our booth outdid us in every round.  The problem was that a lot of the questions involved either pop culture, network TV, or recent movies, none of which we have any interest in watching, or paying attention to.  We lost every round by one or two.  When we left, I congratulated the people who won.  They were gracious.  The oldest guy at the table, who had to be in his mid-late 70s, grabbed my wrist and told me “We don’t always win, either.”  It was kind of funny.

Trivia Night was more fun than I expected.  We just need to bone up on our pop culture, if we don’t want to suck at it again.  We would have done better if we watched network TV.  *shrug*

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