Shredded Knuckles

Our 11 year old special needs male cat had a urinary tract blockage a little over a week ago.  We called the vet the next morning, and got him an appointment that afternoon.  Well, if he was passing a kidney stone, the problem was gone by the time we had the appointment, but the vet, who happens to be the owner of the practice, probably in his 70s, and runs it with his son who is also a vet, and a few others, plus some vet tech staff.  This guy has seen everything by now, and he also treats large animals, which is a little rare nowadays, even though there are plenty of horse farms around here, and a few sheep farms.

So, after that urinary tract issue, we were given some antibiotics to give the little guy, once a day.  At first, he licked/swallowed his meds like a good boy.  Then last night, he put up such a fuss that he shredded my knuckles.  I can still type, obviously, but I cannot make a fist, because of the swelling.  That cat got me.  Dayum!  He likes living with us, but med time has become a struggle, and I’m on the losing end.  So … his liquid med gets mixed in with his breakfast.  No claws are involved with that tactic.  The good news is that this cat still adores me, an will come camp out on my lap for half an hour or so.

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