Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Just last weekend it hit 68F, but today it’s snowing with a vengeance.  It’s about time!  The three previous snows we’ve gotten this season amounted to not much more than a dusting, which quickly melted.  This one started with a few flakes less than an hour and a half ago, and is accumulating pretty quickly.

At least it’s happening over a weekend during which we don’t have to drive to another state to visit my mother.  If we get enough accumulation to have to get out the big tractor with its snowblower attachment tomorrow for the driveway, I might be able to go out and make snow angels, and even do a little XC skiing in the yard (the acreage is nice and hilly), after I get done shoveling the patio, deck, and front of the house.  Of course, the first time I go out XC skiing every year, I come back with rubber band knees, and end up with leg muscles that ache for the next two days, but it’s worth it.  Unfortunately, our pond never freezes over thick enough to shovel off, and go skating on it, which would also be fun.

Hello, winter wonderland!

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