Super SCORE!

We visited my mom yesterday, as we typically do every other Sunday.  Her bee in her bonnet yesterday was to make us sit with her for hours while she sifted through boxes of old photos and artwork.  I came away with a really nice Japanese scroll, a bunch of Thai temple rubbings, and one heck of a gorgeous Japanese print she’d never gotten framed that I will.  The Japanese print will have to be framed, and kept away from sunlight so that the freakin’ gorgeous blues do not fade.  The Thai rubbing are somewhat fragile, but no more so than those brass rubbings I made myself in a church a block or two off Piccadilly Circus in the ’70s, for anywhere from 1-6 pounds each, depending upon their size.  I have loads of those.  Most of them are still unframed.

The Thai temple rubbings are probably worth more than my brass rubbings, but the main thing is that I love all of them.  I don’t think there’s anything odd about mixing Native American, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and English wall and knick-knack art in my house.  It’s what I grew up with, instead of hippy-dippy flower power stuff.

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