Got Out of Attending a Wedding

A second cousin, who has met me twice in her entire life, the most recent of which was when she was six years old, sent us a wedding invitation.  She used Zola dot com.  I guess that makes it easier for people to reply, and send gifts than the old fashioned snail mail, or a phone call.

I’m sure my cousin made her daughter put us on the invitation list.  There is no other reason for us to get an invitation.

The good news, I suppose, is that Zola makes it easy for me to decline, and just send her the 4 qt. Le Creuset stock pot/Dutch oven she wanted from her registry list.  I’ve got one that is older than she is, and it’s indestructible.  Holy crap, has the new price for it escalated since the ’70s.  Oh, well, it’s worth it.

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