We’ve lived here for years, but so far, have made do with a cooler for beverages down by the pool.  I finally broke down, and sprung for a kegerator sized mini fridge for the pool house.  The previous owners had something similar down there, but took it with them when we bought the place.

It cost a bit more to get one rated for outdoors use, but I think it’s worth it.  We don’t have an outdoors kitchen, other than a Weber kettle grill, and a picnic table.  The pool house is semi-underground, and has an upper level patio on top of it, but the entrance is old style saloon doors, so it’s not completely enclosed from the elements.  I figure we can plug it in for four months, and unplug it for the other eight.  Might want to wrap up the plug end while it’s not in use, to ward off corrosion.  It’s pretty energy efficient, anyway.  It should be able to hold a couple of cases worth of beverages, and some snacks, so they don’t go stale or melt in the heat and humidity.  Nobody wants stale tortilla chips and warm salsa, or stale crackers, and liquid cheese spread.

This is scheduled for Monday delivery.  Unless I can snag the FedEx delivery guy, and ask him whether he’d be willing to bring the package down to the pool patio area, we’ll have to either use the hand cart, or load it onto a small trailer behind one of the tractors to get it down there.  The thing with refrigerators is that if, for some reason, you cannot transport them upright, you’ll have to leave them unplugged for a day or two before plugging them in.  Not a big deal, in this case, if that’s what we have to do.

Yes, it’s a convenience item, but since our jackbooted governor keeps extending “lockdown” every time the reopening date approaches, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon, except to smuggle my mom some groceries, so we might as well enjoy being stuck at home for the foreseeable future.  Seriously — let me enjoy my own pool, with some cold beverages, at the least.

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