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Today, the weather cleared sooner than was originally predicted, so we went to run some errands.  Deposit checks, withdraw cash, then the jeweler, and finally, on the loop home, a stop at the beer distributor.

This particular jeweler is wonderful.  Others in town are ridiculously snobby.  We’ve been to this one a couple of times before.  For something simple, such as replacing a watch battery, or replacing a pin in a watchband that fell out, they can do it while we wait, and charge us some nominal amount.  They once had to do a serious repair job on one of my watches, so I had to leave it with them for a week, but even then, the repair bill came in well under the original estimate.

For this visit, two of my Tag Heuers needed a new battery, one of my other half’s watches needed pins replaced in the band (we had all the links, though), another of his needed a battery, and a third one of mine needed some real work, because although it keeps perfect time, I can’t reset the time/date.  The third one of mine had to be left with them, which is fine.  Their estimate for repair was quite reasonable, and even it they find something else wrong with it, they’ll call me before they proceed with a firm quote.

While we were there, I thought it would be a good idea to get my other half a solar watch.  This place sells some really expensive watches, but on the other end of the scale, they stock Citizen “eco-drives,” which are solar.  Not at all expensive.  They removed links for him, and ended up not charging us at all for the batteries in our other three, or for replacing lost pins in the band of another.  If we had gone in there, and just asked for battery replacements, without buying anything new from them, it would have been $10 each.  Heck, that would have been quite reasonable, too.

I’m not a big fan of battery watches in general, although I love my Tags.  It’s easy enough to pull out the crown to make the watch stop if it’s not going to be worn for a while, to extend the battery life.  Solar watches, and kinetic (self-winding) ones are a better choice for workhorse duty, imo.

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