Freebie and Concert Tickets

I received a promo email from Harbor Freight that advertised my choice of one of three free items with a purchase of $24.99 or more, that was only good from last Friday until today.  Didn’t see it until yesterday, and at the time, we couldn’t think of anything offhand.  Then this morning, we remembered that we needed a new 2000 lb. trailer jack, for $28 and change.  We had to visit my mom today, and take her out to run some of her own errands.   Getting back in time to stop by one of the ones we’re used to visiting would be dicey.

Turns out a new Harbor Freight opened a few weeks ago that just happens to be on the way back from mom’s place, without a detour.  We got the trailer jack we needed, and produced the coupon for the tac-lantern/camp lantern we decided we could use.  We have tool boxes galore, so a 12″ canvas tool bag was of no interest, nor was a set of titanium drill bits, because none of them were any larger than 1/4″ diameter.  We got lucky.  Those lanterns were going fast.  We didn’t quite get the last one, but they were down to their last handful.   Topped off for gas, too, on the way home because it’s ~40 cents cheaper per gallon than we would pay where we live.

As for the live concert tickets, we’d been waffling on these for a couple of weeks, mostly because we’ve booked tickets before for other artists that twice got canceled or rescheduled.  These won’t be, and the venue is really small, especially with half its usual capacity due to “antisocial distancing.”  We’ve seen Steve Forbert there before at least twice.  It’ll be an enjoyable evening, with bistro seating, and we can split a bottle of wine and some snacks while we sit and listen.  It’s about time we got to go listen to live music in person, instead of joining in to some remote event, and watching on a computer screen.

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