Harbor Freight, Again

We had to take my mom to a cell phone store to do her thing, and it took us at least half a day to get it accomplished, with the round trip, and a couple of hours in the store.  It should have taken 20-30 minutes in the store, but there were several roadblocks, so to speak, along the way, most of which were of my mom’s making.  Well, we finally got that done, and she was trying to hit us for taking her shopping for other stuff that we’d already gotten for her last Sunday, because she wanted another paper bag.  Her logic goes out the window when she has a figurative bee in her bonnet.

Anyway, we had to get to Harbor Freight before they closed, so we were a little tight on time.  I had a coupon for 15% off “everything,” which included a 420cc gasoline engine we needed for the log splitter.  Fortunately, there’s a Harbor Freight on the way home from mom’s, because the other two sort of near us would have taken an extra hour to get to from there.   It’s not in our state, but it was on the way home.  They had it in stock.  The problem was neither one of us, not even together, could lift it high enough to get on the top of the cart without blowing a hernia, or something, so a beefy store employee did it for us.  The box weighs more than I do, ffs.  He cracked a couple of jokes about how we needed a real man.  Then the checkout guy joked about how he immediately knew I was from [town, and state] before getting our customer number.  Kinda asshole-ish, if you ask me.

Whatever.  We got what we stopped by for, got our $60 discount, slid it into the back of the truck, returned the cart, and we were on our way.  It’s a new store location.  The staff will learn over time to not dismiss women who want something more than a flashlight or some ratchet straps.  Tractor Supply does not treat women like that.

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