Heading into Christmas

Because of COVID19, our neighbors across the street are not hosting their Christmas party this year, but they did decorate.  Nothing like the guy down the street, though, who lights up the whole neighborhood.  I do some decoration, but I don’t do much more than wreaths on our doors, and some solar powered outdoor lights on a few evergreens.  Since we got almost a foot of snow on Wednesday, very little of which has melted, those solar panels haven’t gotten any light in the past couple of days, so … no display.

However, the presents I got for my other half, and my mom are here.  Since we may or may not be allowed to cater Christmas dinner for mom as we have for at least 15 years, we’re going to visit this Sunday, to deliver her “stocking,” plus a quart of my bouef bourgignon to keep her going for a day or two.

If we can visit on Christmas, and bring the dinner, we will, but her retirement community still may forbid it, like they did on Thanksgiving.  If that’s the case, we will visit the following weekend with turkey, cran-apple sauce, stuffing, apple crisp, and pumpkin custard.  The leftovers will only be a day or two old, so they’ll be fine.

And … just for the fun of it, this is my favorite Christmas movie short of all time (it never gets old):

Merry Christmas!

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