Hillsdale College

What a joke this place is.  You can sign up for some online classes for free.  You have to watch a handful of really boring lecture videos, and take a few quizzes.  Just for shits and giggles, I signed up for an online class that focused on Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.  The woman who gives those lectures isn’t so bad when she’s her real self, but when she stands in front of that lectern, she could put a mushroom to sleep.

Damn near six hours worth of lectures on Northanger Abbey? That’s overkill.  I could have summed it up in two hours, nuances, and all.  Austen’s later books were better, anyway, imo.  Well, once you start a video, you can FF through it, and just watch the end.

I passed the final “test” with flying colors, only getting one question wrong.  Not so bad for having read the book once, nearly 40 years ago.  But, what does this say about “distance learning”?  Thank god I got my M. Litt. from a good college, when the degree was worth half a damn.  This “distance learning” is for the birds.

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