Slippers Received

I’d originally ordered a pair like these last year for myself, but with super soft suede uppers instead of pebbled leather.  Sellers like to say their granny hand made them, but if that is the case, it’s a good bet that granny works in a factory, because you find these all over former Soviet Bloc countries.

Either I was sent the wrong size, or the seller’s US to EU size conversion chart was off, and they were two sizes too big for me.  But, since they arrived from Poland, I couldn’t easily return or exchange them.  So, I found another pair from a seller in Ukraine and got the correct EU size.  Not a problem, and neither pair was expensive (~$23, including shipping), but I wondered what to do with the first pair.  Sure, I could have dropped them off in one of those clothing collection boxes that seem to be in almost every shopping center parking lot.

They probably would have fit my mother, but she prefers slippers that are more like footie socks with non-slip bottoms.  Finally it dawned on me that my sister-in-law, or my niece might like them.  She’s got a wacky sense of style.  They’re actually a fairly common size, so we asked if she thought they’d fit.  They were her size, and yes, she wanted them.

Despite Priority Mail no longer being two-day, the USPS did indeed deliver it halfway across the country when it estimated that it would.  There wasn’t really a rush, but I wanted a tracking number for it.  She received them yesterday, then texted to let us know she’d gotten them, they fit, and she loves them.

I’m glad they went to a good home.  Merry (belated) Christmas, I guess.  We’re not in the habit of exchanging Christmas presents with extended family members every year, but once in a while, we see something and say “Wouldn’t that be perfect for so-and-so?”  Anyway, they’re shearling and suede, so they’re thick, fuzzy, and toasty warm.  She can even wear them to go out and fetch the mail if their driveway isn’t too icy.

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