Every Charitable Organization Wants Money Now & Furnace

To be fair, they start sending out their pleas before Christmas, but they continue through the new year.  The thing is that I typically donate to a handful of organizations early in the year, with a one time donation, often when someone else offers to triple match them.

Sure, these charities share their donor lists.  There’s nothing new about that, but this year, I’ve been flooded with solicitations from charities that at best have a tenuous link with those to which I repeatedly donate.  Fine, sell your database with my name on it, but this is crazier than usual this year.

How many pens, return mail address label stickers, and 8-page pads of paper that are just big enough to use for a grocery list do I need?  Oh, and gift cards (Happy Birthday, Thank You, Get Well Soon, etc.).  Nobody under the age of 70-something still sends cards through the mail.  We either call, or tape it onto a gift package for a neighbor delivered in person.

Can’t blame charities for asking, but I can’t give to all of you, and I want the amount I donate to be enough to be of use beyond covering some of the cost of your solicitation campaigns.

As for the furnace (well, it’s really a boiler), the hot water was out in the main house, which meant heat was off this morning.  So, I hauled out the manuals for it.  Not much help, really.  It wasn’t getting electricity to fire it up, but the circuit breaker for it hadn’t tripped, nor did a reset help.  We tracked it down to a failed electric switch.  Fortunately, we had a spare in our bag of random hardware in the barn.  That probably saved us a couple of hundred bucks for getting someone out here to take a look, diagnose the problem, and fix it.

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