Oil Delivery

First off, we canceled an appointment to fix our boiler when we figured out the problem was just an electrical switch that died, and replaced it with a spare we had.  The guy showed up, anyway, but was really good natured about it.  He works for our fuel oil company, so it was a miscommunication between his employer and him, not between us and him.

Later, the fuel oil truck driver showed up.  Fortunately, my other half got out the tractor early this morning, and had snow blown the entire driveway, so it was clear for the tanker.  The driver filled both tanks at the house, and even snaked the hose down the hill to fill a diesel tank we had for the tractors.  Too much snow on the ground to try to drive down closer, but the hose was long enough to make it.  Yay!

This is going to be a big bill, but two things are in our favor for getting topped off now:  oil prices are going to go up really fast over the next few months, and getting your diesel from your fuel oil company for the tank that’s used for the tractors beats the crap out of loading the tank onto a trailer, hauling it out to a gas station, getting it filled, hauling it back home, and offloading it when it’s full.  As long as it’s “off road” diesel, it’s legal to not get your tractor fuel from a gas station.  You just can’t use it to run a street legal vehicle.

So, it was a good day, all in all.

Also, our favorite pub is having a weekend-long “Valentine’s Dinner” offering.  Not their usual prix fixe three course thing, but we can still get the surf & turf we love, which they only ever have this time of year.  Weather permitting, we’re going there!

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