I’ve Had it with BS Cloaked under COVID

Since COVID restriction hit my state, and the adjacent one damn near a year ago, I’ve had it.  Yes, with the mask restrictions, yes with the cancellations of live concerts, yeas with the ever-changing rules about how our local pubs may operate, yes with te way pool companies my operate, and yes with the way B&Bs may operate.

Everything was up in the air.  Our B&B stay got canceled last April.  We were allowed to stay in October, but then, all bets were off, and I had to call the owner of the place to make sure we had reservations this April.  We love the place, and it allows us to bring our dog.  We are confirmed for the room we wanted.  Yay!

Then I had to call the pool company, because nobody there responded to the online booking I thought I had made.  They had no record of my online reservation.  We’re good now, but why have an online reservation system if it doesn’t work?

Finally, I had to call a concert venue to ask for a refund of my ticket price for to seats, after they’d canceled it three times, had other acts booked in the meantime, and still couldn’t give me an aidea of when it would be rebooked for a fourth time.  Sorry, but I’d had it.  They wanted to send me a credit for future tickets, or meals at the adjacent hotel.  Nope.  Didn’t want them.  They wouldn’t credit the card I used to book the tickets.  Finally, and this took some tooth pulling on my part, without being rude, they agreed to cut me a check for my ticket price, and send it through the mail, then warned me that it would take a few weeks.  Jay-sus.  I’m never buying another concert ticket from that place again in my life.  When a local winery canceled a Steve Forbert concert, they immediately credited my credit card.  This other venues is, um, no way, ever again, and we’ve gone there one average 3-4 times a year for live concerts.

OTOH, when I want something delivered, whether it’s a pair of shearling slippers, or a case of wine, it’s no problem.  The latter was a huge problem until a few years ago, but it isn’t now.  We still have to go to a beer distributor to get a case of Yueng, McEwan’s, etc.  Our state liquor laws could use some improvement, but they are getting less archaic.  I can have a half gallon growler filled up at a local pub, but buying more than 72 oz., bottled, or in cans, is still a no-go.

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