First World Problems, Eh?

My eye doctor’s office called this morning to cancel my appointment, and reschedule it.  “She had an emergency” was the reason.  It could have been another client’s immediate eye emergency, or it could have been a personal one.  Doesn’t really matter.  It would have been nice if the office had just allowed me to pop by to pick up my contacts, but nope.

Also, I have a couple of “Karens” on Nextdoor, trying to bash me over the head for not muzzling up in a flippin’ public shopping center parking lot, and saying that my jab status is none of their goddamn business.  If I frighten you, take a few steps further away from me.  The best part is that none of those Karens will confront me in public; they stick to being keyboard jockeys.  Pfft.

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