This is Fucking Hilarious

I listen to talk radio on weekdays.  One of the hosts poses a daily question that he wants listeners to answer.  Today’s question was who would you hire to front your company in an ad?  Most people went with brawny actors.  I went with Betty White, because nobody dislikes her.

Both the producer and 6he host liked it enough to be the winner of the day.  Since it’s Friday, they toss the M-F winners in a hat, so to speak, and draw a winner for the week.  It was a $50 gift certificate to Captain Chucky’s.  It’s not a restaurant, but a seafood market that has 12 locations in NJ and PA.  I never win anything.  One of those Captain Chucky’s  locations is only 10 miles away from me.

Oh, I’m going to use that when it shows up.  The radio station did call me back to confirm my name and address, when I won.

You’d have to be allergic to seafood, or a vegetarian to not love this prize.

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