JFC on a Crutch

Alright, I do like this new box, but days later I’m still discovering things that need to be installed, and the updates from both Microsoft and Dell are driving me nuts.  Every day so far I’ve gotten beamed out at least two updates.  Some go really quickly; other seem to take forever.  I did tape a piece of cardboard over the camera, even before I fired it up, so that’s good

I was going to go out for a a special dinner, but we got t-stomed out, so it’ll have to wait until Friday.  In the meantime, it did give me the time to upgrade to Win10 Pro from the home version, because the home version pisses me off when I can’t find the pro features I’m so used to using.

I’m finally upgraded to Pro, but it was like pulling teeth to get it installed.  FU Microsoft!  I miss the old days when I’d get a CD with a product key.  Yeah, I know, I’m an old timer, but so what?

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