Little Nicky Would Love Our Ghost Lights

This would convince Nikita that his domicile was haunted if it happened to him.  Some of our ceiling lights refuse to light when the rest of them on the same electric circuit do.  Then, once in a while, we’ll turn on the lights, and the recalcitrant ones decide to light up.  This happens in more than one room in our house.  Those bulbs aren’t really toast, and it’s not really the unusual wiring in this house, either.  They don’t flicker.  They just don’t light up, then later do at full wattage next time we turn the wall switch on.  It’s weird.

I think it’s funny, and have better things to do than replace light bulbs that are only pretending to be burnt out.  If I wanted to write a haunted house story about it, I couldn’t.  My specialty is research papers, with graph, citations, etc.  I couldn’t write compelling fiction if my life depended on it.  I’ll leave that up to novelists and the news media.

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