Santa Delivers

Wine, that is, to a couple of neighbors.  We brought over a couple of bottles to our next door neighbor last week.  We’ve known the one couple who got a delivery today for almost as long as we’ve lived here.  The other couple is new to the neighborhood within the past month.  For them, it’s a “Welcome to the neighborhood.”  They probably still have some unpacked box

For the other couple, well, they’ve been bringing over Christmas cookies for years, but his year, they got wine instead of gourmet chocolates.  Being a member of Naked Wines makes that an easy choice, and a whole lot less expensive than buying it from a state liquor store.

In both cases, the husband opened the door, and was perfectly willing to chat for a couple of minutes.  No face muzzles required.  No demands to know “vaccination” status, or anything like that.  The new neighbors took us up on the offer for a trailer load of firewood for free, saying he got sticker shock after receiving his first heating bill, and decided to put their wood burning stove into use.  We’ve been in that house a couple of times when the previous owners were there.  Their wood burning stove is about half the size of ours, but every little bit helps, I guess.  Anyway, we have no shortage of firewood.  With somewhere between two and three acres worth of woods with snags, and cutting down some mostly dead trees, a log splitter, etc., it’s something we can provide, w/o trying to charge for it like some people with roadside stands do.

I’m just glad we could bring a little cheer to some people after what was mostly a crappy year.

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