Here We Go Again

I’ve been wearing rigid contact lenses since the 1970s.  Way back then, they were convention hard lenses, then when gas permeable hit the market, I switched to those.  The RGP ones don’t last forever like the conventional hard ones do, and they don’t make my eyes scream in pain if I doze off while wearing them in front of the TV for an hour.

The eye doctor I found last year to fit me for a new pair (my old lenses were ~15 years old) is good, but works for a place that has numerous doctors and three locations.  Getting through to them on the phone is quite an exercise in patience.  The only way to bypass their voice jail which requires leaving a message, and nobody ever gets back to me, is to pretend I’m checking in from the parking lot.  At least then, I get a real person on the line.

Here’s my deal.  I had the one new pair from last year.  AFAIK, my prescription hadn’t changed from my 15 year old one, but the new lenses weren’t all scratched up like the old ones were, so my vision was fantastic.  But, I blinked, and lost the left lens.  Couldn’t find it, even with a flashlight, after hours worth of searching.  I need to order a replacement left lens, and want to order a new spare pair of left and right lenses.  Yes, it’ll take the lab a week or so to make them, and deliver them so I can go pick them up, but they’re not something incredibly complicated like bifocal lenses.

This shouldn’t be difficult to do.  I miss my old eye doctor, who ran his own practice, and had one receptionist who was really on the ball, when I had to call them.  If I need a replacement lens, or a spare pair, it took one phone call, I didn’t even have to speak directly with the doctor, and a week later, i could pop in to pay for them.  Unfortunately, that guy was in a different state.

I like this new eye doctor, but the administrative staff there is another matter altogether.  Can’t tell whether they’re incompetent, don’t give a shit, or a combination of both.

Yes, I have a pair of glasses for backup, but I get nowhere near 180 degree peripheral vision with them, and they make my depth perception a little off, so that things look a little farther away than they really are.  Standing barefoot, looking at the floor, makes me feel ~1-2″ taller.  I wouldn’t want to drive wearing my glasses, even though it’s perfectly legal.  Parking wouldn’t be a problem with all the warning beeps if I get too close to something, but theoretically, I could think I’m keeping a safe distance on the road, when I’m not.

Even after getting through to a real person at my eye doctor’s office, I was still told by the administrative staff person who answered the phone that someone would call me back.  So far, no call back, but it’s only been a couple of hours.  I intend to bug them again tomorrow if I don’t get call by COB today.  Sheesh!

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