Mom Had a Laugh

She had health issues last week, with the incompetent peeps who run her retirement community, getting over her favorite home aide.  She gets pushy, and will bug people until she gets what she wants.

I’m less obnoxious.  But when it came to my eye doctor ordering a replacement lens, she will only order one, not also a backup pair.

I needed to get that contact lens prescription from them.  The doctor is fine with this, but the administrative staff  is incompetent.  Took three calls to get the order through.

Receptionist:  “Don’t y0u have some eyeglasses you can use”?

Me:  “Yeah, but, my depth perception is off wearing them, so I can’t  drive wearing them, even though it’s legal.”

Receptionist:  Your doctor says you can wear your 1978 hard lenses. Just clean them rally well.”

Me:  Yes, I know that.  Thank you for your help, and have a good afternoon.\

My mom had a good laugh about how much I have turned into her.  “I learned from the best, mom!”  She told me that when I was a child, she wanted to buy a pillow  that read “I have become my mother.”


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