Good News For a Change, Twice

I was so frustrated with my eye doctor’s office ordering me a spare pair of contact lenses.  At first, I was told “I can’t do that.”  Later, I was told “I don’t know why you were told that.  Your prescription hasn’t expired.  We’ll put in the order for you.”  Two weeks later, i called to ask if they had arrived, and since they hadn’t, whether they had been ordered in the first place.  Supposedly, they had.  Two weeks after that, I called to follow up again, and the clueless person on the phone put me on hold for a few minutes, only to come back and tell me a “contact lens specialist” would call be back as soon as possible to follow up.

That was two weeks ago, and nobody ever got back to me.  No contact lenses had come in.  Fuck ’em.  I scanned in my Rx, saved it as a graphic file, and attached it to an email with my order from another contact lens lab.

Got the lenses today in the mail, and they’re perfect.  Even with shipping, the cost came in a little under $75 for both lenses.  No fucking way am I ever going to pay $125/lens from my eye doctor’s office.

I’m not even going to call them back to follow up (again) on that lens order.

Tacking to a different subject, my M-I-L landed back in the hospital for a week with heart problems.  She’s back home, so instead of sending her some silly “Get Well Soon” card, we sent her an advanced level cribbage book that had some tough problems to solve.  She loves cribbage, and dove right into solving some of them.  She loved it!  Besides, she’s a former librarian, so books are her thing.

So far, two things have gone right.  Forget March coming in like a lamb, and going out like a lion.  That’s a story for another day.

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