Two of Four Pets into the Veterinarian Today

Our dog is an old man by now.  At 13, for a medium sized guy, he’s getting up there, gray muzzle and all, but he’s still in good shape, doesn’t weigh too much, and the women at the vet’s were fawning all over him.  He got his checkup, shots (we declined on the bordatella one, because we’re not boarding him in a kennel this year), and behaved himself.  Other than being a little stiff when he gets off the sofa after a couple of hours worth of a snooze, then working it off as he stretches, he’s fine.

One of our cats was just there for her annual checkup.  She passed with flying colors.  At a mere eight years old, she’s the baby of our family.  Her formerly oversized caboose matches the rest of her, which it didn’t a couple of years ago when we first got her.

The bill came to $190, but for two critters in one visit, and the dog’s shots, and heart worm test (negative),  it was quite reasonable.  Other vets in the area charge a lot more for the same services.

I was rather lucky to get them both in at the same time.  There just happened to be a double cancellation yesterday right before I called to book the appointment(s).  If I had called last Friday when I got the postcard in the mail, I might have had to wait a couple of weeks.

Well, that’s two down, and two to go with the critters.  Our other two cats aren’t due for their appointments until next summer.

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