Coal City Courant Article

Here’s the infamous newspaper article about which Nicky was so proud. It’s a marvelously unflattering piece of snark.

2 thoughts on “Coal City Courant Article

  1. I don’t know, man. My mother is a big-time journalist, so I know a few things. It sounds like the writer was bending over backwards to get a decent story out of nicky, and make him look good. The more I read about him, the more sorry I feel for the guy.
    Some doctors have said that type-1 mental illness is every bit as horrible as cancer or AIDS, if not worse. I think that for every minute that Nicky messes with other people, he spends a week wrestling with his own demons.
    Yes, I know he’s threatened people; that’s what crazy folks do. I wish he could get help. My guess is that there’s little funding for people like him, who are nuts but not nuts enough.

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