Gimme Munnies #19

Hat tip:  Fallout3

Remember the GoFundMe that Nicky set up last summer to pay his July electric bill?  As of today, he’s still raised $0.  Update #19 shows him standing in the doorway of his grandparents’ house, next to some trim on the door frame that has come loose.  On that piece of trim is the plain vanilla plastic push-button doorbell.  While acknowleding that the house is in disrepair (this picture only shows the front doorway!), he wants the internet to fund replacement of the doorbell, since it seems to be more important than fixing the trim.  Because, how’s he going to know when all those things he bought on the internet are delivered if the poor USPS/FedEx/UPS person has to knock on the door, instead of ringing the bell?  Priorities, people, priorities.

FWIW, a replacement doorbell can be found at Home depot for $7.  The rest of it can be fixed with some glue, and screws or nails.  The whole thing is less than half an hour’s labor, even without a power drill saddled up with a screwdriver bit.

Gimmue Munnies Update 19 2016-05-08



Nicky at Uncle Don’s Funeral

Hat tip:  AngryinIllinois

Nicky posted this to his public Facebook page.

You'll be missed uncle - Nickolaus Pacione 2016-03-22


[pahr-koo r, –kawr, –kohr]


the sport of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running:

his amazing parkour skills.


Who does that in a graveyard?  That seems awfully disrespectful to the dead.  Regardless, if he did zip around treating the graveyard as an obstacle course, it was not in the video.

The funeral was done with proper decorum.  I don’t know whether this is a Pacione thing or not, but I’ve been to quite a few funerals, in various parts of the country, military and civilian, both Christian and Jewish, and nobody ever wore jeans, black, blue, or otherwise.  The unwritten dress code was always more formal than that.

I found it rather amusing that Nicky tailed the pallbearers like a little puppy, not wanting to be left behind.  *shrug*

Twitter War

Nicky’s going postal on Twitter right now.  At the moment, he’s duking it out with Mr. Campbell.  Within the past hour, he’s tweeted 35 times.  I’d have to take multiple screen grabs to capture it all.  Mr. Campbell has quite a few replies within the same time frame.

Grab some popcorn, and a comfy chair.  Sit back and enjoy the show.

UPDATE:  Here’s the screen capture.

Twitter War 2016-03-16

Stealing Again?

Yesterday, Nicky tweeted about his plan to publish a Hemingway story.  That raised a red flag, but at the time, I was distracted by having to deal with customer support about a FiOS set top box that died, and watching election returns in several more states.  Thanks to Mr. Campbell, I don’t need to research who holds the copyrights to Hemingway’s works.


It never ceases to amaze me that a guy who can’t write a coherent sentence to save his life, yet bangs on ad nauseum with false accusations of people plagiarizing him, is so willing to steal other people’s material.  Here’s a short list of the items to date that immediately come to mind:

  • a famous National Geographic cover (for which he received a cease and desist letter from their lawyers)
  • two Jane Timm Baxter stories (one she knew about, but he never paid for, and the other she found out about post-publication)
  • a Jeani Rector story (he subsequently received permission to continue using it, in exchange for leaving her alone)
  • artwork by Stinkycat
  • numerous people’s photographs, stolen from their Facebook pages

I’m sure there are more.  If he does go ahead with the Hemingway story, it’ll rank up there with the NatGeo cover.

New Video Rant

Hat tip:  AngryinIllinois

We were out of town yesterday, and missed this.  A quick check on Twitter verifies that Nicky tweeted about a new video rant that he posted on the 6th.  To film this one, he set up shop at the end of the block, right smack dab under the street signs marking the corner of Walleye Rd. and Peart Rd., which are clearly visible around the one minute mark, give or take.  He really looks awful — perhaps a side effect of his anti-psychotic meds.  I’ll award him bonus dweeb points for showing off his new cell phone.

This video is rather short for Nicky, at 4:29 long.  I recommend turning on the closed captioning for maximum shits and giggles.

He also posted this one day earlier (it’s only 58 seconds, most of which is text):

The one assertion Nicky makes in this video that stands out to me, at the :30 mark, is that “plagiarists don’t have cell phones.”  Um, okay.  I didn’t know that, but Nicky typed it, so it must be true.

Update #3: You Will Not Like Monter [sic]

Thanks to various readers who submitted the following, along with their generous permission to post them here.

By way of background, Nikita lost his wi-fi, but got a new toy to (sort of) make up for it.  He now has a Tracfone, courtesy of Safelink’s free cell phone service for those on one form or another of government assistance.  So, what does he do with his new toy?  You guessed it.  He uses it to harass people via text message.   In no particular order, here’s a sampling (emphasis added):

What’s the matter Keene? Don’t like being caught one lie after another as Ass Ripple is a plagiarism advocate as well. Kealan was sent in a rage when he saw the retort, “Why don’t you ask Bram the talking wonder dog about ‘The Cabbie Homicide!'” Why he was pissed? He knew exactly what I was talking about. Trying to enable a plagiarism of my landmark work. The masses know this story by both titles. You get this plagiarized you will seen as a cheat as Lisa Morton allows you to do this. Kealan will always be in the shadow of “The Cabbie Homicide” and knows it. You will always be in the shadow of The Birth Issue because I appeared in the magazine as N. A. Pacione. You can’t even pronounce my last name right. You admitted that you wanted to steal “Ghosts In The Tornado” as Christine Morgan wrote 99 fan fiction works. It is in the drunk cunt’s nature to steal creative property. She is still burned by me revealing that and stealing Lake Fossil.

He’s projecting again.  He’s the one who flies into a rage at nothing; everyone else yawns in boredom, gets a chuckle out of it, or finds him annoying.

Your little Drunken Tentacle fucks had better stop with this movie about me as I didn’t authorize that it was my cousin. When I am back online again and I will report that page to Facebook as you are stealing my identity for that little movie. Darren Mckeeman knew not to fuck with me and I shut Gothic Net down and will do the same to you. I advised Jet that you enabled that fake cop to steal my namesake.

His cousin authorized an unauthorized biopic of Nicky?  This should prove interesting.  It’s basically a film version of an unauthorized biography.  Anyone who has read both an authorized biography of someone, and an unauthorized version, knows the latter is juicier (and less likely to be whitewashed).

The one who wrote about talking dog was Kealan — fucking White Anglo Saxon Prick. You can’t get even get your history right. Why don’t you ask the Taig when he wrote that? As you will hear him throw “Guinea” at me. The Cabbie Homicide is mine as I use real places and cities. As you reveal you reveal that you’re the ugly mug of that 2-bit crackhouse. You have better luck working with that flaming Fruit Loop, Andrew Wolter. He might want to fuck you in return as you’re a fucking bugchaser! In other words Keene you have better luck knocking up your own mother. After saying the vile thing you said of my sister; only a pedophile would say something that vile. But denying that a plagiarism took place, you might as well had denied the holocaust had happened. Face it now knows about what the fake-a-badge did. It was like the NOLA cop who is on death row for killing three people, one being her partner. She turned cop-killer!

The only times anyone calls Nicky a “Guinea” are when he refers to himself as one.

Too much of a bitch to leave an actual number. When you get your history wrong, niether or Kealan attended college. I never wrote about talking dogs, though Kealan Patrick Burke has. Think about that one, why you celebrate Burke — he’s you! He was sent over the edge because he knew he got TKO’d a few times when my work appears. He’s a paper champion as he never went the distance with me. He had a chance but took a shit on it. As you plagiarized “The Ward” the work of nonfiction I did as Dick Sinu. You’re a plagiarizing faggot so no deal for you! Akin to Christine Morgan lifting “Lake Fossil” as Ramsey Campbell joined her because I used Darren McKeenan’s photo as a urinal cake!

Hey, why not celebrate yourself?  If you do, that makes at least one person celebrating you.  As for Mr. Burke, all he did was politely refuse Nicky’s request to work with him on a project.  The only shit involved came from Nickypoo.

You heard me pedophile the answer is burn in hell! GFYM go fuck your dead mother, you also have better luck getting HIV from Kody Boye! He’s a gift giver as Marc Lyth is a bugchaser. You want to turn me into a monster; you will not like monter. The fact is you are stealing my pen name and you impersonated someone who isn’t getting out until 2070! Way to commit a criminal act. I will close down that crackhouse you call a production company. I will not back off until you have a prison number of your own! You have no such authorization to do any movie of me or about me you fucking terrorist! Ever since you said of my sister on the phone that made you a pedophile on par to that AIDS carrier who did “Jeepers Creepers” he forced a 12 year old boy to suck him off while he filmed it. So you might be child-grooming. You have better luck of getting an anally inflicted death sentence from Baupader as he is a faggot on the down-low with a shemale.

Nicky has quite an obsession with incest, necrophilia, homosexuality, and pedophilia.  Tsk, tsk.  We already don’t like “monter,” but we didn’t make him that way.  Nicky, and only Nicky, is responsible for his behavior.  Yeah, he “built” that persona all by himself, and he’s proud of it.  Who are we to steal his thunder?

It is not “Mr. Keene” it’s CUNTFACE. Don’t even think of responding if you think you’re able to speak for me as you’re a total fuckbag! I’ll never work with that crackhouse known as Drunken Tentacle Productions. So asshole I’ve never written about unicorns or talking dogs. There’s nothing Gothic about them! Cabbie on the other hand, I couldn’t even make this up if I even tried. Sangiovanni suggests I’m joining Porras soon, but the cops know otherwise as Keene had committed academic dishonesty. Nor Keene or Burke had attended college so they’re plagiarism advocates.

Really?  Did Drunken Tentacle ask Nicky to work with them?  That was a rhetorical question.  Does Nicky really believe that everyone who did not attend college advocates plagiarism?  Ask the person working checkout at the grocery store , and the HVAC/plumbing contractor, etc., if they think plagiarism is a good thing.  Taking a class or two in a junior college, or attending a four-year college, does not make a student immune to lifting material from Cliff Notes, Monarch Notes, or Wikipedia, to write their assigned papers.  Any college professor will tell you that, and they can spot it a mile away.  So can a grad student lecturer.

There are other text messages he’s sent.  I’ve seen a few, but have not received permission to post them.  If I do, I’ll update this entry.

In the meantime, enjoy Super Tuesday.  If you’re into politics, it’s “game on!” from here through roughly the end of March.  The primaries from April on may not much matter, depending on what happens over the next few weeks.  This could get interesting.

UPDATE:  I have one more contribution of a text message, along with permission from its recipient to post it.

Because of you looking for a pirated copy, The Pattern of Diagnosis got plagiarized! I sent Kealan Burke over the edge when I told him, “Why don’t you ask Bram The Talking Wonder Dog about The Cabbie Homicide!” The frocio was quite pissed over this because he knew exactly what I was talking about. The thing about Pete was none of your fucking business as he was invited into my Justice, Illinois, apartmemt. You’re defending a plagiarist and I would like to know why. Your teaching career is at stake if you speak up for that fake rent-a-badge. Am I making this clear? You’re nothing but the village whore! Burke’s turtle thugs thought it was fun to plagiarize my work as well. I’ve called Wheaton PD and DuPage County Sheriff Depart. He’s not even a rent-a-badge all he is a 2-bit cocksucker who is waiting for an anally inflicted death sentence. I made Ramsey Campbell choose who continues as an author – he didn’t like ultimatums thrown at him.

I gather that:  1) Nicky “went over the edge,”  2) he’s still all lathered up about something that never happened, and 3) he’s made a fool of himself bugging a couple of PDs with his nonsense.  Why he continues to fantasize about Mr. Campbell bothering with some ultimatum about who can and cannot continue to write is beyond me.

Nicky is, for all practical purposes, a wasp trapped in an empty soda pop bottle, buzzing around in anger, unable to escape.

UPDATE #2:  Here’s another submission from a reader.

All you ever be is a Gargoyles fan fiction writer and a plagiarism advocate. Stealing “Lake Fossil” is going to taint Janice Frank’s legacy because what you see with Kealan Patrick Burke, “Why don’t you ask Bram the Talking Wonder Dog about The Cabbie Homicide” he knew what was addressed. You are a cheat as you have 99 counts of un-authorized literature. Kealan knew that he can never outdue this. So Keene went after a social securiety number and Kealan’s fans plagiarized as you did as Brian Lumley would coined you a plagiarist. Tapping my baby’s momma you played an active role in sabotage. That makes you even more vile than the rest of Janice’s plagiarizing band of subhumans. Think about your actions because Burke is on a warpath over what’s on the videoblog! It’s time you called it quits and go back to stealing creative properties that aren’t yours. I told the truth about Burke as that story is known as “The Clause” as he knows he can never touch “Cabbie.”

Janrae’s legacy is a lot bigger than the original Fossil Lake.  Aside from her dark fantasy works, she brought together a lot of people who otherwise would have not met each other, whether online or in person.

UPDATE #3:  Two more submissions have arrived.  The emphasis has been added.

You are not me as “Mr.” Keene is known as CUNTFACE or something just as vulgar as I am sure you were a created account so that account kisses Keene’s ass. Keene said something rather vile of my sister as I will find out who you really are and I will beat the shit out of you too.

A person is something that isn’t a person, and that non-person kisses ass?  How does that work?  Is this “created account” some sort of gay succubus?  Also, I have trouble believing that Nicky could beat up anyone, whatever his opponent’s size.

Nobody said anything vile about Steph.  The poor woman has enough problems just having Nikita for a brother.

How about this fuckstain don’t be a plagiarism advocate and remove your fucking reviews; let me earn my money from my e-releases. I caught Keene with my SSN and impersonated my sister. The right thing for you to do is to just stay out of my way. That’s not SSI it’s SSD and I get Medicare. So fuck off you plagiarizing ape.

Fascinating.  Why would Nicky impersonate his own sister?  It was bad enough spying on her while she was taking a bath.  This takes it to a whole new level of creepiness.

BTW, I have it on good authority that a key scene of the biopic will be a dramatic reading of RL Baupader’s Pattern of Diagnosis, a major influence on Nicky’s writing.  Drunken Tentacle has received permission to film it inside the abandoned Cook County Hospital.  I’m sure the actor will do justice to Mr. Baupader’s work.

Resquiat in Pace, Donald A. Pacione

Hat tip:  Dru617

Nicky’s Uncle Don passed away last Wednesday.  The service was last Friday.  Dru found the obituary, here.  It reads, in part:

Donald Albert Pacione, age 67, at rest on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

Donald is survived by his loving daughter, Amie (Harry) Tidwell; dear siblings, Greg (Lynn) Pacione, Chuck Pacione, and Sheryl (Mark) Campbell. Loving uncle to Nick, Mike (Nikki), Chris, Beth, and Stephanie Pacione. Donald is also survived by numerous cousins and very close friends, Kimberly and Kris, among many others.

Preceded in death by his parents, Albert and Shirley (nee Lindquist) Pacione.

My heartfelt condolences go out to the family.

A Society Unpublished

Hat tip:  Naaman Brown

Nicky published a new short story, “A Society Unpublished,” on both Book Country and Amazon’s Kindle two days ago.

Here’s the product description (emphasis mine):

2017 where the publishing industry has brought about a lawlessness that one has never seen; Nickolaus Pacione had seen it first hand as it would fall two years after he got fired from the one place he was working with. He addresses some dark subject matter and the thoughts coming to mind writing this story what if some one was published doing the act of historic crime of being a pamphleteer, the crime that Thomas Paine often got in trouble for as this story. It’s in the tradition of The Twilight Zone episode of “Time Enough At Last” as the hoodie he wears sometimes in his e-book promotional are a nod to Rod Serling. Nickolaus gives Rod Serling a very strong nod as he is a protected class in the Civil Right of 1964 and of 1991, where he seen how the publishing industry completely ignores these laws at times.

He was never an employee of Lulu or CreateSpace.  Even if he had been, firing him would not have been an act of “lawlessness.”  The other thing that made me laugh was his implied cause and effect between wearing his Twilight Zone hoodie, and writing like Lynn Venable.  I commented to that effect, here:

Wearing his Twilight Zone hoodie, which “are a nod” to Rod Serling, makes him write like Lynn Venable? It’s a pretty good bet that Nicky never read the original short story, and only saw Serling’s teleplay for that episode.

If he’s going to use the word “as” to imply cause and effect, he ought to at least make the effect part of the sentence a logical outcome of the stated cause. It would not at all surprise me if he were to write “I woke up hungry yesterday as my shoelace was untied.”

There is no “look inside” preview.  I can’t tell what the cover is supposed to be.  It looks like smeared charcoal on a gray background.  No doubt, it’s original Pacione artwork, but it doesn’t look like anything in particular — not even one of those tromp l’oeil sketches (is it a goose or a rabbit?).

Edit:  thanks to Christine for submitting the following screen shots of the preview.  They’re clickable to full size.  He looks severely constipated in that selfie.

Blackened Horror Reality

Hat tip:  Ablert

This was published last November on Booktango.  It’s unclear to me when the Kindle version was made available, but here it is.  It’s $1.99 for an 18 page short story, which probably includes the cover(s).  I’ll get to the look inside preview in a minute.  Here’s the product description:

“We approach the much darker side of what we call the wunderkind; as the realization born within them become the depths of cyberspace. This world, well as I, Nickolaus A. Pacione, invite you into the bleak mirror within that ethereal shadow born within the fabrications that might be Stephen Glass’ nonfiction. The weird world of fan fiction being more celebrated than original ideas.

The seedy world of addicts, gang members and anti-heroes – is this reality or a horror short story where the lines are blurred to something more frightening around this season of the witch.”

The product description really is enclosed in quotation marks on the product listing page.  The description itself reads as though the words were randomly drawn from one of those clear plastic balls commonly used for charity raffles.  Spin the ball a few times, open the door, and pull a ticket.  Except, instead of numbers, each ticket contains a word.  Repeat the process until two paragraphs have been assembled, and call it a product description.  I have no idea what the story is about, having read that.  Clearly, Pacione was shooting for how the words sounded in the foggity fog of his mind, without any regard for coherence.

Inside, the text is a tiny font — mercifully legible, but tiny.  The preview is limited to the cover, publication details, and what is presumably the first page of the “story.”  For all practical purposes, this is a monologue rant, interspersed with dialogue between the unnamed voices in his head.

As Ablert points out, here,

Nicky has stopped trying to write fiction altogether. He can’t be bothered creating even paper thin characters anymore. He used to get a thinly disguised version of himself into a diner with a Mary Sue as an excuse to bitch about his rivals. That was his standard story for years, but now it’s just him arguing with himself in a vacuum.

See for yourselves, in the following screenshot.  It’s clickable for a full size view. Blackened Horror Reality eBook- Nickolaus Albert Pacione- Kindle Store 2016-02-17 08-19-54