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Reduced Readership Is Good

It’s not good for anyone trying to make a buck from selling publications, but for a blogger who won’t accept ads, it means two things to me.  First and foremost, it means that the Nitwits are taking a break from … Continue reading

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OT: This Is Encouraging

My realtor called to let me know she received a call from another realtor who has an out-of-town client interested in seeing the place, and getting a copy of the seller’s disclosure.  The client will be the area for the … Continue reading

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Billy Mays

Almost as annoying as Rachael Ray, but with a beard, and no strange giggle, tv pitchman Billy Mays was found dead at the age of 50. I seldom turn on the tv to watch anything other than Food Network, the … Continue reading

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Apex Returns

I’d been watching this thread at SL.  Apex is making a comeback.  I wish Jason the best of luck with it. The thread was running along smoothly until Flea Market Larry and Kenwood started discussing the merits, or lack thereof, … Continue reading

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How Many Issues?

I’ve taken a little heat in the past for laughing at Flea Market Larry using his blog to pimp his . . . er . . . stories.  That’s what writers do, and I shouldn’t make fun of Larry.  But, … Continue reading

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OT: Effin’ Deer

Overnight, the deer got a few of my daylilies.  For whatever reason, they leave the Stella D’Oros alone, but go after the others.  No rabbit can reach 2.5′ up to nibble bloom stalks at perfect 45 degree angles.  No siree.  … Continue reading

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NUVI Chicago

My NUVI arrived today.  It’s a mid-range (price-wise) GPS thing that can get planted on the dash or windshield.  I don’t drive an 18-wheeler, so I really don’t need a high end model. What is hilarious is that when I … Continue reading

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This is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. It popped up in a Google alert for Nickypoo. Disclaimer:  I do not know Tim, nor have I ever met him, but he’s funny, damn it!

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Larry by the Sea

Lorenzo isn’t sure he can make it tomorrow, but he’ll be there at Coney hawking his goods on Saturday and Sunday. LAWRENCE DAGSTINE SIGNING: June 26th – (unconfirmed) June 27th and June 28th Saturday and Sunday!!! 12pm to sundown… Somebody … Continue reading

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It’s no secret that I’ve been growing orchids for decades.  Given that, I figured I’d check out the SEPOS site to see whether it’s worth joining.  Years ago, I attended a few meetings at another orchid society, and decided it … Continue reading

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