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And So It Begins

We’re already getting stuff in the mailbox at the farm from vendors wanting to sell us their services.  First up, a company that wants to supply us with propane, oil, and burglar alarm services (also plumbing/heating/AC).  About the only thing … Continue reading

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We Own the Farm

It’s official.  The walk-through went well.  Closing went smoothly.  How on earth the previous owners got all their stuff out of there in a mere six weeks is beyond me.  Connie indicated it was a lot of 16-18 hour days.  … Continue reading

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Woo Hoo Lahaska

I don’t know whether the Orvis outlet is gone, or moved into another storefront.  Whatever.  The Coach outlet is still right where it’s been for ages.  So, I got a brown belt for my s.o. for $49, instead of $150, … Continue reading

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Almost There

Settlement on the new (to us) farm is mere days away.  Stopped by my local bank branch today to get a cashier’s check.  Neither teller on duty had the authority to cut a check for that amount, so it had … Continue reading

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Update on Monica

Within a week, this bold, brassy little green eyed lady has decided that downstairs is the place to be, even if our dog is there.  She has our Wegie, Greta, to contend with, but they made their peace days ago.  … Continue reading

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Nicky Lost His VampireFreaks Account

Hat tips:  multiple people I’d rather not name, but who know who they are It’s been a while since Nicky reared his ugly head at his internet enemies.  Recently, he began his latest episode by leaving the usual nasty messages … Continue reading

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Meet Monica

We opted for the black one with the white thumbprint on her chest.  She’s a portly pepperpot, alright.  We’ll have to make sure she gets no more food than our other cat.  At age 7, the shelter called her a … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Mo

We had to have our Siamese put down yesterday.  It was kidney failure.  The vet ruled out diabetes on Wednesday, and when the blood work came back the next morning, the kidney failure diagnosis was confirmed.  The poor guy tanked … Continue reading

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