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Ouchy Ouch Ouch

Ben (our wannabe sled dog) dragged me over yesterday, onto the steps up to the sun porch sliders.  I landed on my shin, elbow, and fingers.  Don’t ask.  That’s the last time I ever take him out for a walk … Continue reading

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Weekend Off

It’s nice to have a weekend to ourselves.  I don’t mind visiting mom every other weekend, bringing our own lunch, and doing household chores for her, but those weekends in between visits are great for getting things done around here.  … Continue reading

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Hori Hori Magic

Spring is here for real.  Lawns need to be mowed, instead of driveways plowed.  Aside from catering Easter dinner for my mom, and doing some household chores for her while we were there, we spent the weekend doing all sorts … Continue reading

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The Ghost Shark of Pinellas Park

Mom was okay with us skipping a visit this past weekend, because we plan to cater Easter dinner for her next Sunday.  That left us all weekend to get a lot of things done.  Sure, we did the usual grocery … Continue reading

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Nicky Should Have Arrived

Nothing yet from Nicky?  He should be there with Sheryl and Mark by now.  He did mention something a week or so ago about having sound on his computer when he gets to mommy and step-dad’s house.  Whether that means … Continue reading

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