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Li’L Nikita Strikes Again

Hat tip:  Naaman Brown I’m more than a little late to the plate on this one.  Evidently, Nicky’s tried to steal someone’s anthology, and make it look like it’s his.  From what I can tell: He had a story accepted … Continue reading

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Most Boring Stupor Bowl Evah, and Nice Haul

Typically, for a Super Bowl, I make several finger food type munchies:  potstickers with dipping sauce, nachos, chicken satay, etc.  This time around, I wasn’t up for doing all that, so I just made a batch of chili, and quéso, … Continue reading

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Bad Brew

We went out for dinner last night, and on our way out of the pub, I picked up a 12-pack of assorted brew from a place called “Mother Earth.”  It wasn’t skunky, but WTF were they trying to brew?  The … Continue reading

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