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Assembly Required

As much as I love antiques, there really is something to be said for kit furniture.  If all it needs for assembly is an an Allen wrench, then it comes with one.  Otherwise, all you need is either a Phillips … Continue reading

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Cat Hairs Everywhere!

We had solid hardwood floors throughout our previous house, as well, but for some reason, in this one, the cat hairs tend to collect into nice neat clumps within a day or two of vacuuming the old ones.  I can … Continue reading

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Assorted Things

I don’t recall having to pay the USPS $1 to register a change of address online, even though that’s the way I did so the last couple of times.  Then again, I never before got a “welcome” pack from the … Continue reading

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A Comedy of Errors

I have a love/hate relationship with Verizon.  When we moved, I asked them to switch our existing service from our old house to our new one.  At first, I was told I had to order all new STBs and a … Continue reading

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More Eggs

Our neighbors left us more eggs — 18 this time.  I see quiche in our future, or at least a frittata.  I must add bacon to the grocery list.  Hopefully, come spring and summer, we’ll actually have some of our … Continue reading

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Mama’s Girl

Monica wants her “mommy” at all hours of the day or night.  I’ve never owned a cat that shook a hind leg at me for real, and most cats like me, but this girl is practically a puppy-cat, which is … Continue reading

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Big Fat What?

Verizon continues to screw up.  I got an email last night from them thanking me for returning my equipment, confirming that they got it, etc.  What?  We kept our old equipment, moved it here with us, and after the tech … Continue reading

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Brown Eggs

We just got a “welcome, neighbor” present from our next door neighbors.  It was a dozen brown eggs, packed perfectly.  I’m going to have to 1) send them a “thank you” note, and 2) go over to introduce myself. Best … Continue reading

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UPDATED Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes

Hat tip:  Sabledrake (Scroll down for the update) Looks like Nikita may be back on Lulu.  You can click on the image to view it full size, without the blurry text.   The listing dives right into Pacione’s feud with Brian … Continue reading

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