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OT: More Orchid Pr0n

Parkside Orchids in Ottsville is one of my favorite orchid dealers. They’re located just a little south of Easton, PA, and are open to the public on Wednesday through Sunday (closed on Sundays in August, though). Since it was not … Continue reading

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The Specter Thread Went Bye-Bye

I may have missed something toward the end, but from what I saw, the juicy stuff’s on page two, anyway.  Here are my page captures: page 1 page 2 page 3

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Broken Publishing

Articles on this subject appear various places from time to time.  This one appeared on Behlerblog a week and a half ago.  The Legion of Nitwits, who believe the publishing industry is broken, and only they can fix it by … Continue reading

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What’s an IPPY?

Daggy has a new blog entry about Satirica being “nominated” for something called an IPPY award. Cowboy Logic Press’s 400+ page post-apocalyptic, scifi blockbuster of an anthology, featuring such talented writers as Steven J. Dines, Bill Housley, Jason K. Chapman, Roger … Continue reading

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Philbin Jumps on the Swine Flu Bandwagon

I just knew Phailbin couldn’t let this go.  There were already two posts on the topic at SL, yet he started a third one, and got jumped on pretty hard by several people.  I was waiting to see where the … Continue reading

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Daggy Warns Vern

Hat tip:  Cussedness While I was out gardening, and moving a few sun-loving orchids and cacti outside onto the patio, Daggy planted a stink bomb on Vern’s thread at SL. Lawrence Dagstine #1 [-] Posts: 2569 (04/26/09 10:10:29) Veteran Shockliner … Continue reading

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Flup, Flup

That is the sound that S makes when I get in a new orchid, or divide them when they overgrow their pots badly enough to require it.  Think of it as the sound a large umbrella makes when popped open.  … Continue reading

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Vacation Over

The owners of the B&B at which we stayed were wonderful hosts.  We’ve stayed at this one before, and several others within two or three blocks, but this is our favorite.  It’s one of the smaller B&Bs, with not that … Continue reading

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As some of you know, we’ve been on vacation this week.  Here’s a link to one of the funniest pictures I’ve taken so far of the wildlife.  Believe what you will, but the hotel and the birds are real.

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Daggy Pimps Atomjack

In the past two days, Lorenzo posted two new blog entries, here, and here. ATOMJACK is by far one of the better ones, and it’s proven rightly so with their material and lineups over the past four years.  This would be my 3rd appearance with them.  Published by … Continue reading

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