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Happy St. Andrew’s Day

For the Scots among my readers . . .

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OT: Zootrophion Pr0n

I found another orchid blooming this morning when I went to water the ones I keep in a fish tank.  Sneaky little bugger it is. Pictures here.

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Peaches for Posterity

We all know how Nickypoo loves to invade wikis, set up pages for himself, and trash the pages of his perceived enemies.  Kudos to the person who did this (screengrab after the cut).  The entry itself is pretty funny, but … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

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OT: Cishweinfia Pr0n

More orchid pictures here.  It’s Cishweinfia pusilla, one of only four species in the genus native to Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador.

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Nicky Banninated from Yuku

Hat tips:  Jenny and Autoaim It sure looks as if it was Yuku who banned Nicky, not Matty.  Still, it means La Femme Nikita is gone from Shocklines. If he shows up again with a handy dandy new sock puppet, … Continue reading

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OT: Two Moar Orchid Pr0ns

Restrepiella ophiocephala, which I didn’t even know was in bud, since I had it stuck in the corner of a fish tank, and a NOID Phalaenopsis.  My mom received the latter as a housewarming gift, and gave it to me … Continue reading

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OT: Fall ‘Chiddie Pr0n

Orchid pics of Blc. Dennis Kone, B. Little Stars, and Barkeria melanocaulon here.  I also have C. Chocolate Drop and Mediocalcar decoratum in bud.  For all the years I’ve owned a Mediocalcar, I’ve never gotten the darn thing to bloom.  … Continue reading

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Cooks Source Redux

Hat tip:  D.W. Wow, oh wow!  Judith Griggs really doesn’t get it at all.  She blames the whole fiasco on “this woman — Monica,” and goes on to imply that Ms. Gaudio is greedy for asking for a contribution to … Continue reading

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Boyer Despises SL and Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers

In addition to posting on SL about bottom-feeding losers, Tin Foil Dave showed up on Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers to spew his special brand of love.  I happen to be fine with bottom feeders; catfish, flounder and sole make for … Continue reading

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