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Boyer Steals, Renames a Wendy Brewer Story, Publishes in Three Lulu Books

Hat tip:  B Thoughtful Details are over at B’s Blogspot. Tin Foil Dave actually spent the time to add a few words here and there to Ms. Brewer’s story before calling the renamed story his own, and incorporating it into … Continue reading

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Nikki Sends His Computer for Repair

Nikita has a new Blogspot entry. I sent my computer off to be repaired not knowing how much it will be to have the computer fixed where I can do the company. I’m guessing that his repair bill will be … Continue reading

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One Fair Swoop

Hat tip:  Dave Nicky, true to form, is back online after a rather long “hitatus.”  He decided to post his latest blog entry on InsaneJournal.  I’m surprised anyone uses IJ anymore, but, whatever. I am working on some new material … Continue reading

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Oven Fads

Our oven’s a circa 1974 avocado green electric wall-mounted Hotpoint.  We also have a guest bathroom that is still tiled in harvest gold (aka mustard yellow).  As much as I’d love to retile the bathroom with something less pukey, the … Continue reading

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Sick of 9/11 Coverage Already

Yes, I know the 10th anniversary is tomorrow, not today.  I have to confess that I’m already sick of all the media coverage.  Between the media and politicians trying to use the occasion to their best advantage, I’ve had enough. … Continue reading

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