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Now I Remember

… why I hated this pair of 28″W x 32″L Levi’s.  Other than the copper rivets, they’re all cotton, with no stretch unless they’re wet.  They’re the ones I grabbed to put on to go grocery shopping this evening.  They … Continue reading

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Rusty to the Rescue

My other half saw something he wanted to get in the Harbor Freight catalog that arrived yesterday.  He figured he’d go down and run his errand before heading to the office.  Fine, except that 45 minute later, I got a … Continue reading

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Bad Kitty, Bad!

My other half made some bacon this morning, and left me a rasher.  Unfortunately, he left it on the cutting board on a paper towel.  We know our dog didn’t steal it, because he would have eaten the greasy paper … Continue reading

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Even Better …

We thought we might get a case of beer for the loan of our trailer.  Nope.  We’re getting a gift certificate to the restaurant in which our neighbor owns an interest.  We’ve been there a couple of times before to … Continue reading

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Free Case, Maybe

We’re letting our neighbor borrow our big trailer to transport his big tractor back and forth between his other house and the one next to ours.  He has one of his own, but it’s still non-op for whatever reason.  We … Continue reading

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Hobnobs, Never Gyp the Wait Staff, and Veggie Garden

We visited mom today, and took her grocery shopping after the thunderstorms broke.  She had her list.  I also wanted to get a few items while I was there that we can find around here, but not at Aldi, so … Continue reading

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Sonichu Woz ‘Ere

This picture made me chuckle.  Look at the shape of what’s left of the glass storefront door. Sonichu did it, I tell ya!  Busted right through that glass.  Anyone know what Chris-Chan’s been up to lately, other than pretending to … Continue reading

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Nikita Wants Arabic Friends

Hat Tip:  Just Me Somebody needs a friend.

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Independence Day, Veggie Garden, and Grocery Store Auditions

Even though the 4th isn’t until Wednesday, this is our holiday weekend.  Fly Old Glory.  Wear red, white, and blue.  Grill something yummy for dinner.  Watch fireworks.  Have fun!

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